Organizations demonstrating a potential fit with our mission and areas of focus will be invited to submit a short Concept Paper. The Concept Paper is submitted by invitation only, after receipt and review of your Introduction Form. Concept papers are solicited and accepted anytime throughout the year. An invitation to submit a Concept Paper does not ensure that an organization will receive funds.

The concept paper allows us to dig deeper into your organization and your specific project or program in need of funding. We use a variety of questions to explore and refine concepts—which helps us to understand your perspective and your commitment to innovation. This phase ends with the decision to solicit a Grant Application. 

In a maximum of three pages, your Concept Paper should include:

  • Date of application

  • Organization’s full name, mailing address, telephone and fax number, website address

  • Organization’s EIN#

  • Name, title, telephone number and e-mail address for the following:

    • Executive Director

    • Development Director/ Proposal Contact

    • Board President

  • Organization’s mission

  • Brief organizational history and brief description of previous year’s accomplishments

  • Project title and a brief project description

  • The issue/need to be addressed including target population and geographic area served. Include details on the number of individuals to be served by the grant.

  • Total project budget

  • Amount of request

  • Proposed use of funds

  • Projected measurable outcomes

  • Funding period requested

  • Long-term funding plan beyond the length of the proposed grant


  • Program/project budget

  • Current fiscal year operating budget, including revenues and expenses

  • Current IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt determination letter

  • Most recent audited/ reviewed/ compiled financial statements

  • List of Board of Directors

  • List of key staff

Please save your Concept Paper in PDF format and email (with attachments) to In the subject line of your email please state "Tilles Foundation Concept Paper" followed by the name of your organization.