We believe that our impact within the Greater St. Louis Region is felt over the long-term—since the inception of the Tilles Foundation in 1926. We also believe that our best relationships are long-term investments in the future of St. Louis’ most vulnerable children. We pride ourselves on creating bi-lateral partnerships with leading non-profit organizations which are working to find innovative solutions to many of the toughest problems facing our local community, such as building an inclusive environment for children with disabilities, working to create economic opportunities for children regardless of zip code, and creating healthy futures for children with intellectual and physical disabilities. These are just a few examples of some of our funding areas.

We do our homework. But we also value the time it takes to apply for a grant. We hope that we've created a grant application process that balances our need for information with our deep respect for how non-profits need to operate efficiently. 

Our work is far reaching. It’s rooted in finding innovative, leading-edge solutions which have a measurable impact for children. We value organizations that find innovative and effective ways to collaborate with other nonprofits and work together with our Trustees as partners. Most importantly, we feel that our impact has only just begun. We’re actively looking to create new, meaningful partnerships with St. Louis’ leading child-centric non-profit organizations. We look forward to hearing your ideas